About Dogbus

We started as Aniaid Rescue and Support back in the year of 2009. Rescuing and re-homing beautiful animals from our home in Coventry UK

It became very apparent that in the world of animal rescue it was desperate for a dedicated, professional and humane method of reliable transport. The countless lives that has been lost due to lack of transport is off the scale. In the UK a straying animal has 7 days to be claimed by their owner, if no owner comes forwards the Council pounds legally can destroy the animal! The incredible “Pound pullers” work tirelessly to find these pets a safe rescue placement thus saving their life. Sadly its all too often there is no transport to safely get the animal to their arranged rescue placement and ultimately the animal loses their life! This has got to stop!

We started a fundraiser to raise £12k to purchase a fully fitted DEFRA/APHA approved transport vehicle. It took nearly 4 long years of relentless fundraising to achieve our target and get the van on the road. The start of the Dogbus began!

As we recruited volunteers to drive rescued pets to their placements our work had only just began. In 2019 alone we helped transport over a thousand precious pets to safety, Covering the UK mainly, we quite quickly were asked to help with the rescue transportation of beautiful animals from abroad, we don’t see borders and we certainly do not discriminate against any animal just because they were born in a different Country. We are 100% run by dedicated volunteers and continue to fund raise to keep our wonderful life saving dogbus on the road. We do not charge for our service, just a contribution towards the actual fuel costs and road tolls etc

In the background we always continued to rescue animals and provide a safe rescue placement until we could find these beautiful pets their forever homes. Our rescue efforts have grown dramatically in recent years leading to increased rescue of desperate animals looking for the chance to live and teach us what “unconditional love “ truly is. We now help rescue, care for and provide medical care for the most let down, abused; tortured and incredibly brave dogs and cats from around the world. We are all very aware of the abhorrent treatment of animals globally. We provide rescue placements for pets from the UK, Romania, the rest of Europe, Pakistan and China. The list keeps growing!

We organically changed our name to Dogbus Transporting Paws Saving Lives and set up as a Charitable Trust with governance of our trust deed. We continue to provide safe, professional and humane transport for other rescue organisations, animal charities and any rescue animal needing transport. The birth of “dogbus number 2” is now a reality and our goal of having a “Dogbus” in every corner of the UK will also become a reality one day, allowing us to never let an animal lose their life due to lack of transport.


Our own rescue efforts continue to grow and we are now established as an animal rescue for adopting animals to wonderful forever homes here in the UK and Europe with full life time rescue back up and support. Dogbus rescues dogs and cats throughout the UK mainly from owner relinquishment, stray kennels and calls for help" across all communication platforms. We are a UK based Rescue organisation helping any animal we can who is in need regardless of location..Dogbus Rescue fully supports and operates a rescue shelter in Romania, known as "Monicas Romanian Rescue" Dogbus provides safe shelter,care, treatments for over 120 animals in Romania plus supporting other rescue shelters in Romania with food and medical needs. We established our partnership with TWS in Pakistan, the shelter accommodates the worlds most abused and voiceless animals with the most horrendous and unacceptable injuries and cultural treatment. We have dogs in China whom we support in high quality accommodation and provide medical care. Our dogs in China are mostly rescued from the meat trade, abandonment and breeding farms. I do not have to tell you the conditions and treatments these beautiful animals suffer by the hands of humans, i'm just so grateful We will never give up on fighting for all animals in need.

For 2021 we aim to achieve full charity status with the UK charity commission. This registration will allow us to help more animals in desperate need, help with education, help with combating loneliness of people and one day set up a spay and neuter dedicated program/vet vehicle’s for use in Countries with major straying animal populations thus reducing the suffering of animals.

A special and sincere thank you to our dedicated supporters who have allowed our success so far and continued growth with animal transport, animal rescue and animal welfare. You never let us down, you always support our dogbus both emotionally and financially. I know alot of you have donated your very last pound! To our wonderful dedicated volunteers, you are all incredible and my goodness what a fantastic #teamdogbus we are!

Please continue to support our work, together we are stronger!

Dream big and Never give up!

love Kris, Romana and Monica and all of our dedicated volunteers

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